Gas Explosion Levels California Neighborhood

A gas line explosion leveled an entire neighborhood outside of San Francisco, destroying over 50 homes. INSIDE EDITION reports on the tragedy.

A neighborhood, gone—destroyed by a raging fireball. One neighbor described it as "hell on earth."

These are the first images of the fire, captured by videographer Brian Carmody.

"Worst thing I've ever seen," said one onlooker.

One house was ground zero. The gas line exploded in the backyard. The blaze engulfed an entire street and reached enormous heights. You can see firemen strategizing the battle in front of a wall of smoke and fire. Sometimes all they can do is look on in horror.

One fireman said, "This thing's gonna keep going."

Dogs search for signs of life. Planes were brought in to drop flame retardant.

INSIDE EDITION's Jim Moret reports from San Bruno in the main Red Cross relief center where hundreds of resident were getting badly needed food and clothing. 

Moret asked one resident what she experienced. The resident said, "Well I heard this huge boom, and I thought a plane had crashed." 

Moret asked, "Did you feel the heat?"

"Oh yes. And our house was shaking like crazy," replied the resident.

Moret asked, "Is your house okay?"

"We don't know," said the resident.

Fifty-three houses were incinernated in the middle class community. And many of the residents were home early to watch the first night of NFL football when the gas line exploded at 6:10 pm.

The neighborhood today is utter rubble. It looks like a bombed-out city from World War II.