Nancy Kerrigan Plans Father's Funeral

Former Olympic skater Nancy Kerrigan, said to be devastated after her father's death, is planning his funeral. Her brother, who may or may not have played a role in Daniel Kerrigan's death, will not be permitted to attend. He has pled not guilty. INSID

Nancy Kerrigan is at her parent's house outside Boston. A wake is being held for her father today and Nancy is personally planning every detail of the funeral, which will take place Thursday. Her brother, who broke down in court during his arraignment, has already been told that he will not be permitted to attend the services.

Mark Kerrigan remains in a state hospital undergoing a mental evaluation and authorities refuse to release him to attend his father's funeral.

Nancy's friend, Olympian Paul Wylie told the Today show that she is devastated.

"When I first called her she was still crying and you know she was in shock," Wylie said.

Nancy's dad and brother rode with her on the float at the Disney World parade in 1992. Her image took a big hit that day, after an open microphone caught her remarking to her mom, "It's so corny. It's so dumb. I hate it. This is the most corniest thing I've ever done."

Despite Kerrigan's sarcastic crack, her father was beaming with pride, waving at the huge crowd that lined the streets to cheer his daughter following her silver medal victory. Her brother was also right there.


What a difference 15 years makes. Mark Kerrigan now stands accused of assault that may or may not have led to his father's death. He has pleaded not guilty and the Olympic star is planning a funeral.