Tim Gunn's Bombshell Revelation

Project Runway host and fashion guru Tim Gunn made a shocking revelation in his new book...he writes that he believes his father and FBI director J. Edgar Hoover may have been lovers. INSIDE EDITION has more.

It's a bombshell revelation from Project Runway's Tim Gunn. He says his own father may have been the secret gay lover of the legendary director of the FBI, J. Edgar Hoover.

The shocking speculation is revealed in Gunn's just-released book Tim Gunn's Golden Rules.

The fashion guru writes that his FBI agent dad, George William Gunn, and Hoover had a long-time romantic relationship.

"I have no proof...I'm likely totally wrong about this. [But] The men were incredibly repressed. So even if they were sleeping together you can bet they never would have admitted it, even to themselves."

Gunn writes that at age 8 he was on a private tour of Hoover's office when the FBI director came out dressed like the actress Vivian Vance, who played Lucille Ball's sidekick Ethel on I Love Lucy.

"I screamed," Gunn writes. "My father smiled...I shook Vivian Vance's hand and chatted with her. I was thrilled."

Years later, Gunn writes that while reminiscing with his sister he asked her: "Does it seem odd to you that when we met Vivian Vance in Hoover's office, Hoover wasn't there?"

Gunn's late father was an FBI special agent and Hoover's ghostwriter.