Cheerleaders Defend 9/11 Recordings Routine: We Did It 'To Honor the Victims'

The cheerleading squad at Lumberton High School in Texas is sparking debate with its controversial 9/11 routine.

A cheerleaders’ tribute to the victims of 9/11 is being both criticized as a tasteless display on a day of national mourning, and a touching tribute.

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The cheerleading squad at Lumberton High School in Texas performed the routine to the Lee Greenwood classic, God Bless the USA.

Audio from news clips from that terrible day are also played during the routine.

At the end of their routine, the cheerleaders unfurled the stars and stripes and used their pom-poms to spell "USA."

A mind-blowing 20 million people have reportedly watched the video on social media since the weekend, with "awesome" and "best thing I've ever watched" as some of the online comments.

But not everyone is cheering. Other comments called it "the most cringeworthy thing I've seen in a long time," and "world's most inappropriate 9/11 tribute.”

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Head coach Danielle Hunter told INSIDE EDITION: “The reason we do this is to honor and remember the victims from 9/11.”

Asked if they’re surprised by the reaction, she said: “Very surprised.”

Hunter said the performance was preceded by more traditional observances.

“One of our cheerleaders actually gave a speech about the happenings of that day and we really discussed the seriousness of what it meant and then we had a moment of silence," she said.

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