What Should You Do If You're Attacked By a Dog?

After a man was attacked by two pit bulls in New York City, INSIDE EDITION has tips on how you can save yourself in that situation.

A video showing a man being brutally mauled by two pit bulls in the street raises the question: what should you do if you're attacked by a dog?

Watch Below: A New York Man is Attacked by Two Pit Bulls in the Street

Michael D’Abruzzo, from K9-1 Specialized Dog Training, told INSIDE EDITION: "What I saw in the video was a lot of panic. First, try to stay on your feet. Keep an arm out to protect your face."

In the video of the attack, Good Samaritans can be seen trying to get the dogs away by shooting water at them. But D'Abruzzo cautions against following their actions.

“If you fight them you are going to fire the dog up even more,” he said.

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Instead he says, do your best to approach the scene calmly: “Calm down. Stop moving. Hang on.”

If you can, make a slip leash that tightens around the dog's neck because “its impossible for them to bite if they can’t breathe.”

The man in the video, 62-year-old Francesco Bove, was knocked over by the dogs as he walked in the Bronx, New York. When they finally stopped attacking, the blood-covered man was rushed to hospital, where he is recovering.

The dogs' owner, a woman named Cynthia Oliver has been charged with assault. She says her dogs overpowered her.

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