Report: Student Says She Had Affair With a Female Teacher... But the Principal Covered it Up

A Facebook group exposed an alleged affair between an assistant principal and a former student that was reportedly covered up by the school principal.

New York authorities are investigating allegations that a female assistant principal slept with a female student but it was kept hush-hush by the principal.

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Assistant Principal Pelagia Papoutsis, 33, was abruptly removed from William Cullen Bryant High School in Queens before classes started earlier this month.

Papoutsis, a former math teacher at the school who went by the nickname "Pelly," was promoted to Assistant Principal last year. She was considered to be close with Prinicpal Namita Dwarka, according to reports.

Now a former student has said that she had a romantic relationship with Papoutsis. The claims emerged after the student spoke with gym teacher Peter Maliarakis on Facebook.

Maliarakis shared messages with The New York Post.

“Pelly was having inappropriate relations with a student,” the unnamed student wrote. “I’m the first hand witness because it was me.”

The student also texted Maliarakis that Principal Dwarka knew of the wrongdoing but “played along with it” and did nothing.

Maliarakis told The Post: “She said the relationship occurred during her senior year. She was 17 years old, and it continued after she graduated.”

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Since the age of consent in New York is 17, a sexual relationship with a student of that age would not result in criminal charges but could lead to termination for the Assistant Principal.

Regina Romain, a spokeswoman for Richard Condon, the special commissioner of investigation for city schools, confirmed the probe was underway. She said a report would be published at a later date.

Papoutisis told The Post she had no comment. It added that Dwarka did not return its message seeking a comment.

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