Polygamist Family Tells Their Side of the Story

INSIDE EDITION talks to the polygamist family at the center of TLC's new reality show Sister Wives, to hear what they have to say about their life style.

They're a family of polygamists, just like on the HBO drama Big Love. The difference is, this family is real.

When Kody Brown comes home from his job as an advertising executive, he gets a workout just greeting all of his wives.

First wife Meri, 39, is a college student. Janelle, 40, is an office worker and third wife Christine, 37, is a homemaker about to give birth to Brown's thirteenth child. Life in this polygamy household is about to get a lot more complicated—Kody just married wife number four!

Brown's newest wife, Robyn, the youngest at 31, says that "he does a good job of trying to keep everything balanced and meeting the needs of everyone."

The wives live in separate apartments in a Utah mini-mansion designed by a polygamist architect.

A rare look inside their secret world is featured in the new TLC reality show, Sister Wives, which premiers Sunday, Sept. 26.

Brown says he does his best to make sure the other wives don't get jealous of his new bride but admits, "It's like kryptonite, the jealously is the toughest part."

Having a pretty, young wife in the house is especially tough for pregnant Christine, but she says she's hopeful about their future.

"When Robyn came along, she made it perfectly clear that she was interested in the whole family. Eventually everything is going to settle down," Christine said.

To see video of our interview with the Brown family, click here.