These Disney Fans Recreated Iconic '101 Dalmatians' Scene For Their Engagement Photos

Corinne Jones, 25, and her fiance Tony Collier, 26, recreated the famous scene in a Chicago park.

This creative couple turned to their favorite Disney film for their engagement photoshoot.

Corinne Jones, 25, and her fiance Tony Collier, 26, recreated the iconic scene from the 1961 classic movie 101 Dalmatians in a Chicago park with some help from their dogs, Mookie and Izabella.

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In the scene in the movie, Pongo first lays eyes on Perdita before the pups get their leashes tangled – sending their owners Roger and Anita into a pond nearby. After the meeting, the owners fall in love – and so do their pets.

Corinne told INSIDE EDITION that she wanted to recreate the scene with Tony because 101 Dalmatians has long been her favorite Disney movie.

"We are big Disney fans," she said. "We have Disney blood running through us."

The couple, who were engaged in March, shopped at thrift stores to find the perfect costumes.

Their dogs Mookie and Izabella stepped in to play Pongo and Perdita – and just like the movie, they tangled their leashes and sent their owners into the water. The dogs loved it, Corinne said.

"They were just smiling the whole time," she said. "They were awesome."

Corinne revealed her brother lugged buckets of water to throw over them, rather than use dirty water from the lake. Still, they ended up soaked - and needed to head home in their wet clothes.

But it was worth it, she said. After seeing the images shot by her cousin Melissa Biggerstaff, she shared them online - and has been overwhelmed by the response.

"We thought other Disney fans might like it, but it went huge," she said. "My phone has been blowing up with friends telling me I'm famous!"

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Corinne added that her husband-to-be was happy to play along with the photo shoot on one condition: that she recreate a scene from Rocky III with him. She agreed and they plan on filming the scene in a couple of weeks.

The couple, who live in Naperville, Illinois, are planning to marry next June.

"We're going to be quite creative on the wedding day," she said - as if we had any doubt.

For more of Melissa's photos, check out her website here.

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