Husband Disputes Wife's Rape Charges as Role Playing

A husband and wife divorced and the wife claimed her husband raped her, but he said it was all just role playing. INSIDE EDITION has the shocking details.

It happened at a sprawling home inside a peaceful gated community outside San Diego. It's an idyllic scene that gives no hint to the shocking crimes that allegedly happened inside between and husband and wife.

37-year-old Crystal Harris accused her own husband of rape. INSIDE EDITION spoke to her outside the courtroom where her husband was on trial.

"These are private crimes, and they're committed behind walls. I feel like I've been through the wringer," said Crystal.

The financial advisor says that her husband, Shawn Harris, flew into a rage two years ago, choked and raped her in their house. Their two small sons were home at the time.

In the courtroom, the District Attorney said to Shawn, "And you grabbed her by the neck and pushed her to the floor."

Shawn Harris asked, "Is that a question?"

"Yes," said the District Attorney.

"No, ma'am," replied Shawn.

At the trial, Crystal told jurors her husband then made a terrifying threat

"If I would go to police, I would be dead before police arrived," Crystal testified.

It was more than a case of he-said, she-said. A shocking audio tape was introduced into evidence. Crystal Harris says she was actually able to make an audio recording of the attack. On the tape, you can hear her say "No" 50 times.

"[It's] the only way a woman can prove what happened. So that's what I did," said Crystal.

Her husband's defense? He claims that the recording didn't capture a crime in progress, but a game of sexual role playing.

Shawn Harris told the court, "It's just another opportunity to get our adrenaline going during sex."

The District Attorney asked, "Who yells and screams?"

"Both of us," replied Shawn.

He says they role-played Tarzan and Jane, among other scenarios. And he claims Crystal concoted the rape story to avoid paying spousal support in their divorce. She's the breadwinner of the family. The jury deliberated for two and a half days.

Shawn Harris was found guilty on one count of forced sex. The jurors were hung on two other counts.

Crystal said, "Just a huge sense of relief, but mixed feelings as well because he wasn't found guilty on all three charges."

Now Crystal says she hopes her story will prove that rape can happen, even between a married couple.

"Juries can learn what goes on behind closed doors," said Crystal.

Shawn Harris faces up to eight years prison on the one charge and he will have to register as a sex offender. Prosecutors decided not to retry him on the other two counts.