Cops: Thief Returns to the Scene of The Crime After Forgetting His Keys, Cell Phone

A burglar suspect returned to the scene of his alleged crime to get his keys and cell phone, police say.

An Idaho man was charged with burglary after he returned to the scene of the alleged crime after forgetting his phone and car keys, police say.

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A woman in Twins Fall called police after she found her home burglarized and a stranger’s cell phone on her bed and a strange car parked behind the property.

Police were on the scene when Caleb Shay Funke, 22, was dropped off near the car. Officers say Funke told them he loaned the vehicle to a friend and the keys were locked inside.

The keys found inside the burglarized home unlocked the car and started the vehicle.

According to court documents, Funke acknowledged during a police interview to be being involved with at least two other burglaries over the weekend.

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He was arraigned Monday in Twin Falls County Magistrate Court on two charges of burglaries and one charge of grand-theft. He is due back in court on September 25.

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