Ferrari Driver Races at 100 Miles Per Hour In Beverly Hills Neighborhood, Avoids Ticket

A drag race driver who sped through a neighborhood has not been given a ticket, claiming diplomatic immunity.

A shocking video shows two luxury sports cars engaged in a 100mph drag race through the mansion-lined streets of Beverly Hills, California.

In the footage, the driver of a yellow Ferrari blows through a stop sign, while the white Porsche races through the intersection right behind him.

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After a crazy, 20-minute race through the streets, smoke poured from the  $1.5 million Ferrari's engine.

Outraged residents came out to record the incident on their cellphones.

But police arrested no one and didn't issue a ticket. The drivers, who are reportedly members of the Qatari royal family, are claiming diplomatic immunity.

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When a reporter confronted one of the residents at the house where the Ferrari pulled in, it was anything but diplomatic.

“Get out! Get the [bleep] out," said the resident. 

The reporter said the resident yelled at him and said: "F--- America."

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