Daredevil Spencer Horsman Nearly Drowns During Botched Stunt

Magician Spencer Horsman nearly drowned performing a stunt in front of live audience.

Daredevil Spencer Horsman nearly drowned during a botched stunt after he was trapped in a 30-inch glass box filled with water suspended above the ground.

The tank was lowered and rescue crews worked furiously to pull him out.

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The dramatic scene unfolded on Tuesday afternoon in front of the State Theatre in New Brunswick, New Jersey during a promotion for an upcoming show featuring magician Criss Angel.

Horsman was in the box for about two-and-a-half minutes but was unable to get the last lock, according to reports.

Horsman told INSIDE EDITION: "I am not going to disappoint the audience by quitting. I am currently in conversation right now with Criss in regards to maybe modifying the escape, even possibly postponing it. Everyone's concern is my safety, so, is mine, of course. I am still very adamant about performing this." 

It's the second time Horsman had to be rescued from a tank. In June, the same thing happened at Foxwoods Casino in Connecticut and Angel had to come to his rescue.

“He kind of went limp and I knew he was in trouble,” Criss Angel told INSIDE EDITION after the first mishap.

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This time, Horsman was rushed to the hospital and is expected to be okay.

Angel even tweeted from the hospital to show fans that Horsman is recovering well:

.@SpencerHorsman recovering well. pic.twitter.com/IIUljx6nvG

September 16, 2015

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