Man Arrested For Sniffing Women's Feet in University Library, Police Say

A registered sex offender was busted after he allegedly was caught smelling women's feet in a Florida university library.

A man who went under a table and allegedly smelled female students' feet at a Florida university library has been arrested, according to police.

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Eddy Juan, 52, a registered sex offender, allegedly sniffed feet at Florida International University’s Green Library during a hot August afternoon.

Juan managed to flee the scene before anyone could catch him but photos were taken of him in the act. Police used the images to appeal to the public for help identifying him.

On Tuesday, police were told that a suspect matching his description was seen riding a scooter and officers attempted a traffic stop, NBC Miami reported. Juan attempted to flee but crashed and was taken into custody.

The school’s police department issued a statement: “Although some may consider this to be humorous or insignificant, the FIUPD takes these reports seriously and continues to investigate the matter.”

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Juan, 52, faces charges of trespassing, fleeing, resisting an officer and aggravated assault against an officer, county inmate records show.

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