New York Jets Players Face Sexual Harassment Allegations

The New York Jets are under fire as a female TV sideline reporter says players sexually harassed her during a practice. INSIDE EDITION has the story.  

This is the beautiful TV sideline reporter who says New York Jets players subjected her to a relentless round of sexual taunts.

32-year-old Ines Sainz is a former Miss Universe contestant. She says the Jets players threw footballs at her, made suggestive remarks, openly ogled her and blocked her path.

And she says in a report for a Mexican TV network, she could hear players in the locker room making suggestive jokes and comments as she waited to interview Jets star quarterback Mark Sanchez.

As it was happening she tweeted: "I'm dying of embarrassment. I'm in the Jets locker room trying not to look anywhere!"

Sainz posted a photo of how she was dressed that day, tweeting: "Some media have suggested that I was dressed inappropriately for the Jets. This is exactly how I was dressed."

The incident is front page news and is being investigated by the NFL. It is casting a shadow over the Jets first game in their new $1.6 billion stadium.

INSIDE EDITION's own Lisa Guerrero is a former sideline reporter for Monday Night Football.

Guerrero said, "I know what she's going through. The exact same thing happened to me with a Superbowl-winning quaterback. I was at practice and he was overthrowing the ball intentionally so that it landed next to my feet."

It's not the first time Sainz has been the focus of attention for her striking looks. In 2008, cameras caught Terrell Owens, then a Dallas Cowboy, calling her over for an exclusive interview after he had refused to talk with other reporters.

ESPN star Erin Andrews has also been a target of inappropriate behavior by players. Former USC star Rey Maualuga was caught on tape doing a lewd dance behind her during last year's Rose Bowl. He later apologized.

"It's not okay, it's not funny and it's not appropriate. Period," said Guerrero.