Unbelievable! Meet the Sets of Best Friends Who Look Like Identical Twins

INSIDE EDITION meets up with friends who look remarkably alike.

These women look like identical twin sisters - but they're actually best friends.

INSIDE EDITION met with pals who look remarkably alike.

One set of friends, Khalia and Tajuana, from New York City, became best buddies when a mutual friend showed one a photo of the other because they look so similar.

Tajuana said: “I said: ‘When did I have that outfit on? Why am I wearing that t-shirt?' He said: ‘That’s not you.’"

Khalia said: "It was actually me.”

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Over in Los Angeles, Carolyn and Alyson live about 20 minutes from each other. They met in a restaurant and couldn’t believe their similarities.

Carolyn said: “I was staring at her saying: 'Oh my God. I can't believe how much we look alike.'”

“I think one of the big similarities is the smile,” said Alyson.

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Marissa and Christina met when they were students at UCLA nine years ago and they're still best friends.

Not only do they look like twins they also love the same activities like kayaking and making jewelry.

Marissa said: “We look so much alike, we could be the same person. You never know.”

Photographer François Brunelle, who photographed the sets of friends, is fascinated with the human face. He has spent years searching the world for lookalikes.

He told INSIDE EDITION: “The goal of my project is to find people who look the same. Then bring them in front of the lens and then experience this connection.”

Researchers say everyone has someone who looks just like them due to the limited number of genes that decide the shape of our features and the color of our eyes. It is believed that everyone in the world has seven people who look just like they do.

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