Jeb Bush on His Tiptoes and Donald Trump's Many Faces: The Best Moments from the Debate

INSIDE EDITION looks at the most memorable moments of the second GOP debate.

We were expecting to be entertained, and the second GOP debate didn't disappoint.

Before it kicked off on CNN on Wednesday night, Jeb Bush stood up on tiptoes and even spread out his arms to take up more space during the group photo.

At 6'3,” he's already the tallest candidate out there.

Check Jeb standing on his tip toes for the pic.

September 17, 2015

Then there were plenty of awkward moments, like when Donald Trump tried to high five Dr. Ben Carson.

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But Trump did get a show of support from Jeb Bush.

Of course, there Donald Trump didn't hide his feelings about the other candidates.

Marco Rubio made light of California’s drought - and his awkward 2013 speech during Obama's State of the Union Address - by bringing out his water bottle.

There was also one guy who everyone was talking about - but he wasn't even on stage.

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Notice that guy sitting just behind CNN moderator Jake Tapper? Twitter had a lot to say about him.

Twitter is LOSING IT over this ~mystery hottie~ sitting behind Jake Tapper at the #GOPDebate:

September 17, 2015

“Omg he makes politics worth watching!” gushed one viewer

“Can we ask this guy his views? Or primarily what his ideal first date is?,” tweeted another.

The audience member is 24-year-old actor/director Greg Caruso. He lives in Los Angeles and his father is a billionaire real estate tycoon. And sorry girls but he has a steady girlfriend.

In another riveting moment, Jeb Bush told Donald Trump he should apologize to his wife, Columba, who is of Mexican heritage.

Bush was asked if Trump went too far on his insults on her and said: “Yes he did… Subject my wife into a raucous political conversation, I hope you apologize for that.”

"I hear she's a lovely woman, I hear phenomenal things,” said Trump.

Bush then interjected and demanded an apology.

Trump would not give one, saying: "No I won't, because what I said wasn't wrong, but I hear she's a lovely woman.”

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