Cops: Man Accidentally Stabs Himself While Trying to Steal Phone in a Walmart

A man was inside a Pennsylvania Walmart when cops say he tried to steal a phone and ended up accidentally stabbing himself.

A Pennsylvania man accidentally stabbed himself while allegedly trying to steal a cellphone in a Walmart, according to reports.

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David Lee, 46, allegedly used a knifeto remove a Straight Talk Wireless phone from the shelf before attempting to use the blade to open its packaging. Instead, he ended up stabbing himself, CBS Pittsburgh reported.

Staff followed Lee through the store as he left a trail of blood behind, police said. The man grabbed a towel off the shelf and wrapped it around his arm as he was trying to leave.

He managed to leave the store and drove himself to a local hospital - but the wound was so severe that he had to be flown to a hospital in Pittsburgh for treatment.

Police were able to arrest Lee at UPMC Presbyterian Hospital where he was charged with retail theft and disorderly conduct.

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A hazmat crew was called in to clean up the blood inside the South Union Township Walmart.

Lee’s mother, Patty, told CBS Pittsburgh that her son is a heroin addict. He is expected to survive the stabbing.

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