Nancy Grace Delivers Swift Justice

Nancy Grace is launching a syndicated court show, Swift Justice with Nancy Grace, and she talks to INSIDE EDITION about how the new show will be structured.

Nancy Grace is ready to deliver swift justice, and she isn't pulling any punches!

The former Atlanta prosecutor and TV personality is launching a new syndicated court show, Swift Justice with Nancy Grace.

Grace says, "There's no pretend robe or gavel or sheriff, we are what we are, we don't pretend to be anything."

Grace will sit in judgment over real cases and witnesses will appear in the studio courtroom or via satellite.

She'll even subject litigants to lie detector tests!

Grace is known for her tough prosecutorial approach, but you can also expect her to show her softer side. She is, after all, the mother of twin girls   
"Most of us are working mothers. I balance it the way every other mom does. Your number one job description is mommy," she says.

Grace does seem unstoppable, she even showed up for an interview with INSIDE EDITION on crutches with a broken foot!