Mom Insists Her Football Player Son Didn't Mean to Smash Helmet Into Opponent's Head

Fritz Moncion was kicked off the team at Linden New Jersey High School after the startling video emerged.

The high school football player filmed bashing a rival with his own helmet during a game did not mean to hit him, according to his mom.

Fritz Moncion was kicked off the team and suspended from his Linden, New Jersey high school for 10 days after the blow seen around the country. Police are investigating the incident.

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But his mother says it was an accident and that the punishment is too severe.

“He didn’t intentionally do this. He's very, very sorry," Anita McDuffy said at a press conference.

She said her son's hand got stuck inside the player's helmet and he threw it in frustration.

The family says they intend to apologize to David Hoffman, the player Fritz whacked across the head. He required 10 stitches.

“He's gonna apologize to the parents, to the school, to Linden, to everybody,” she said.

Linden School Superintendent Danny Robertozzi said in a statement: “The brutal action taken by this young man is simply unacceptable and will not be condoned.”

He also said that the school board is looking into the “severest disciplinary measures permitted under law.”

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It was the third troubling incident this month to occur on a high school football field.

In San Antonio, Texas, two players were suspended for spearing a referee from behind. At another game in Austin, Texas, a player was benched for shoving the ref.

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