Watch This Severely Matted Homeless Dog Transform Into a Groomed Poodle

A homeless poodle was found on the streets of L.A. and was so matted that when it needed attention right away.

Hope for Paws received a call about severely matted homeless dog living in Los Angeles and when they arrived to see the pup, it appeared scared and could barely see through the hair on its face.

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The hair was so thickly matted they couldn't even tell if it was a female or a male and was one of the worst cases they have ever seen.

Before the dog was properly groomed, they were able to determine that it was a female. They named her Dolly and after hours of grooming and washing she looked totally transformed.

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The Forgotten Dog Foundation were contacted where they found a forever home for Dolly and she's happier than ever.

Click here if you'd like more information about Hope For Paws.

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