Prosecutor: Boyfriend Murdered 'Baby Doe' Because He Thought She Was Possessed by Devil

Drama erupted in Boston on Monday as the mom and her boyfriend accused of murdering "Baby Doe" appeared in court for the first time.

Drama erupted in Boston on Monday as the mom and her boyfriend accused of murdering baby Bella, known as “Baby Doe," appeared in court for the first time.

A spectator screamed at them and was thrown out. "You rot in [bleeping] hell!" yelled the spectator. 

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As they were led into court, Bella's mom, 40-year-old Rachelle Bond, glared with contempt at her boyfriend Michael McCarthy.

McCarthy is charged with murdering the three-year-old girl. Her mother is charged with being an accessory. Pleas of "not guilty" were entered by both parties.

Prosecutors say Bella was murdered because McCarthy believed she was possessed by the devil.

Bella's body was allegedly stored in a refrigerator until it was dumped in Boston Harbor.

Bella's biological father, Joseph Amoroso, was also in court, seated next to INSIDE EDITION'S Matt Meagher. Amoroso also visited the makeshift memorial to Bella at the spot in Boston Harbor where her little body was found.

He blamed neighbors for not caring more about Bella's fate. “Shame on anybody that lived in that building that didn't start asking questions," he said. 

Authorities believe that Bella was abused for much of her short life.

Baby Bella’s Aunt Tamera, Bond's sister, told INSIDE EDITION, “My sister - I don't think she should have had children!

Tamera said she did not think Bella was not being raised in a loving home. “She wouldn't hit her in front of me, but she would yell and Bella already had a problem, difficulty in talking in sentences,” she said.

IE found a home video and photos of Bella posted on her mother's Facebook page. In a family photo, Bella sits in front of a Christmas tree. In another, she is photographed with a Dora the Explorer jigsaw puzzle. In another, she stands in a car.

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The last photo on her mom's Facebook page was posted Christmas day last year - six months before Bella's body was found on the shoreline outside Boston.

Police executed a search warrant at a building in the Boston neighborhood of Mattapan Thursday night.

Forensic artist Christi Andrews of the Center for Missing And Exploited Children created the image which helped identify baby Bella.

She chose a face shape similar to the little girl's, and added eyes, matching the size and color of the dead child's. Baby Doe's face gradually came to life.

Watch Below: How Forensic Artist Created Baby Doe Image