Mel Gibson Spotted in Disguise and Confronts Photographer

Mel Gibson is at it again as he confronts a photographer who happened to spot him wearing a disguise. INSIDE EDITION has the latest.

It's Mel Gibson confronting a photographer.

The photographer asks, "Can I help you?"

Gibson said, "Hey, you're the guy from the other place. What's a matter, you got nothing better to do?"

"I was just wondering if you really hit Oksana?" said the photographer.

Just moments earlier, Gibson was photographed wearing a silly disguise. A large handlebar mustache and glasses, as he was leaving his therapist's office in Santa Monica, California.

Minutes later, Gibson pulls over, and in a scene straight out of one of his action movies, Gibson confronts the photographer. But instead of a gun, he's carrying a cell phone.

The photographer didn't miss the opportunity to pepper the notoriously ill-tempered actor with questions.

"Do you think you'll ever make a movie in this town again?" asked the photogrpaher.

Gibson said, "You got a lot of dialog, don't you?"

The photographer replied, "Oh, I got everything up my sleeve. And I have a short sleeve shirt. Do you have anything to say?"

"Not to you. Thanks for following us around. Want a job? Guess you need one," said Gibson.

Gibson then takes aim at the driver, and gets in one parting shot, saying, "Oh, I've seen you before. Hey, what's it like sniffing other people's laundry?"

"Oh yeah, you have a whole laundromat, pal," said the photographer.

"Hey, have a good life, okay," said Gibson.

As the embattled actor storms off, the photographer gives one more shout out to Gibson, saying, "Can I have all the money back for all the tickets I had to pay for those movies?"

A strange end to yet another strange day for Mel Gibson.