Watch This Lucky Pedestrian Narrowly Escape a Sheet of Falling Glass

A Saudi man is thanking his lucky stars after he narrowly escaped a piece of falling glass from a building.

A man walking along a sidewalk in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, was caught on surveillance cameras as a pane of glass fell from a building without warning.

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The glass hit the man on the back and knocked him off his feet while his keffiyeh flew off his head. Surprisingly, there doesn’t appear to be any injuries sustained in the accident.

The pedestrian, who was clearly shaken up, picked himself off the ground and walked away from the scene.

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Oddly enough, as the unidentified man was walking on the sidewalk, he took a slight pause to get to his destination and checked the bottom of his shoe as if he had stepped in something and then kept walking and then the glass hit.

It is a circumstance that makes you wonder, would he be walking away from this incident had he not checked his shoe?

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