Neighbors Blasted for Not Helping Police Identify 'Baby Doe'

Neighbors of baby Bella, known as "Baby Doe," are being criticized for not aiding cops in their search for the child, whose body was found in Boston.

Relatives and neighbors of “Baby Doe” are being blasted for not helping police in their search for the child.

Not one person told police that the little girl was the spitting image of little Bella Bond. An artist's rendering of Bond was shown all over Boston.

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Peter Gelzinis, a Boston Herald columnist, told IE, “It’s stunning to me that a little child could get lost like that.

People that would have actually known her were never curious enough to pick up the phone and call,” he said.

Bond's mother, Rachelle, had two other children - both of whom were taken away by child welfare authorities.

Bella's biological father, Joseph Amoroso, lived in Florida and never once saw Bella. But he said he tried to alert authorities. “I am very upset with child welfare services,” he told INSIDE EDITION.

“My mother made a call twice, I made a phone call once. We knew that Bella was in a bad situation and she needed to be pulled from it,” he said. 

Even Rachelle's sister, Tamera, said she believes Rachelle is an unfit mother. “I don’t think she should have had children. Rachelle is volatile and angry,” she said.

HLN’s Nancy Grace said she finds it appalling that Bella was the subject of two prior child welfare investigations that were ultimately closed - yet no recognized her as "Baby Doe.

“How could have helped but notice this child was missing?” she asked.

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“This mother, Rachelle, has had several interactions with family and children's services. They closed a case on her on 2013 and did nothing. And now baby Bella is dead,” she said.

In a home movie, Bella celebrated her last birthday party. It was August 2014, and she was two years old. Her pretty little face lit up as she saw something off-camera.

Her mom shot silly string at her. And mom, who reportedly has a long history of drug use, sounded out of it.

Ten months later, Bella's body was found in a garbage bag on the Boston shoreline, discarded like trash.

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