Brown Bear Caught Taking a Nap Under A Backyard Deck

A wild bear was found sleeping under one man's home.

A giant bear was found sleeping under a homeowner’s deck and did not want to be bothered by the human who found him.

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In video posted by ViralHog, the person filming the incident can be heard saying: “He does not like my camera” as the bear stares him down.

The bear was clearly agitated and began snarling and waving his giant paw in front of the cameraman.

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The cameraman stood his ground but eventually found a way to get the bear out from under the deck.

The brave soul with the camera went on top of the deck and began stomping his feet, the bear must have been bothered by the sound and eventually got out from under. When the bear escaped it went behind the home where it gazed at its surroundings before leaving for good.

This is one close encounter both man and bear will not forget anytime soon.

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