Dad of 'Baby Doe' Yells at Man Accused of Murdering Her: 'You Are Done!'

Joseph Amoroso, the father of "Baby Doe," yells at the man accused of murdering his daughter as he left a Boston court Monday.

The father of the little girl known as “Baby Doe” is opening up about her death.

Joseph Amoroso was there when Bella Bond's mom, 40-year-old Rachelle Bond, and her boyfriend Michael McCarthy, appeared in a Boston court on Monday. McCarthy is charged with murdering the three-year-old girl.

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Her mother is charged with being an accessory. Pleas of "not guilty" were entered by both parties.

“The hardest part about this for me is that I will never be able to see or hold my daughter, ever,” Amoroso told INSIDE EDITION.

Amoroso never met his daughter - and now all he has is few of her belongings as mementos. He said Bella was conceived in a tent at an Occupy Boston protest in 2011.

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As McCarthy and Bond were led out of court, Amoroso yelled out at McCarthy. “Michael McCarthy, you are done. You won’t last a day,” he said.

Amoroso told IE, “I wasn’t ready to be a father a couple of years ago. But I am ready now; unfortunately, I came a couple of months too late.”

Showing a little stuffed animal, he said, “Rachelle made this. There were some beads inside that Bella slept with. She always had them by her side,” he said.

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