92-Year-Old Husband Serenades Dying Wife With World War II Song

A husband sang an old World War II song to his dying wife.

A granddaughter captured the heartwarming moment when her grandfather sang to his dying wife.

Laura and Howard have been married for 73 years. While Howard was away fighting in World War II, Laura would sing the 1943 tune, You’ll Never Know, by Vera Lynn, to remind herself of her husband.

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Howard recently serenaded his wife with the song while she was in hospice. Their granddaughter, Erin Solari, was by their sides when Howard began singing, and recorded the event.


You’ll never know just how much I care…I still couldn’t hide my love for you,” sang Howard to his wife, 93.

Solari posted the video on Facebook and it's been seen by almost four million people. She wrote that now he's the one singing to her as she prepares to go away.

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“This was the song my grandmother would sing when my grandfather went away to fight in World War II. It has been their love song ever since,” wrote Solari.

Solari said that at family gatherings, it wasn't uncommon for the two to sing the song together, each taking a verse and serenading one another.

Even though is Laura is too weak to sing, she still tried to utter the lyrics along with her husband. Solari wrote that since the video had gone viral, her grandmother's hospice has allowed her to go home to live out her remaining few days.

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