A New York City Rat Carries a Slice of Pizza In a Subway

A rat was spotted carrying a slice of pizza down a New York subway.

New Yorkers love their pizza but hate the rodents that crawl around the city. Well, it turns out that even the one creature that New Yorkers loathe loves a good slice.

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Comedian Matt Little recorded a rat carrying a slice of pizza down a flight of stairs in a subway station.

This might be the most New York City moment ever recorded.

Unfortunately, the rat never gets to devour his meal; it runs off just before it reaches the bottom of the stairs.

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The video, which was posted on Monday, has been gaining attention and even spawned a series of funny tweets.

A New York subway rat carrying a slice of pizza is the only "Stars! They're Just Like Us!" we've ever needed.

September 21, 2015

New York's hottest Halloween costume has arrived #pizzarat pic.twitter.com/AhWEPCcBbn

September 21, 2015

the buried lede of the pizza rat video is that chicago pizza just can't be carried down stairs, thus ultimately proving its irrelevance

September 21, 2015

Pizza Rat is the new The Dress except instead of dividing us it unites us.

September 21, 2015


September 21, 2015

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