Woman at Center of Alleged NFL Sexual Harassment Speaks Out

INSIDE EDITION talks to the woman at the center of the NFL sexual harassment controversy who is defending the way she dresses as a sports reporter.

The beautiful reporter at the center of the New York Jets sexual harassment scandal is firing back at her critics.

Ines Saintz says she's outraged by questions about her clothes, which some say are too provocative.

Columnist Andrea Peyser blasts Saintz in today's New York Post for "giving off the wrong signals...with routinely exposed cleavage and brutally tight jeans."

INSIDE EDITION's Megan Alexander said, "She writes, 'This calls into question exactly what she's selling—her sweat and hard work, or her body parts.' "

"I can't believe that a woman would write something like this. I'm really upset because obviously I'm not selling my body. I don't see anything bad with my style of dress," said Saintz.

Alexander asked, "You don't see anything wrong?"

"No," replied Saintz.

32-year old Saintz, a sports reporter for Mexican TV, says she is shocked to be thrust into the national spotlight since reports surfaced that New York Jets players taunted her with catcalls before her interview with quarterback Mark Sanchez, while others are said to have purposely thrown footballs toward her.

Alexander asked, "Ines, do you feel this whole thing has been blown out of proportion?"

"Yes, absolutely," said Saintz.

Saintz was back on the sidelines sporting a short black dress to see the Jets lose in their opening game against Baltimore.

"You didn't go to the locker room last night," said Alexander.

"No, no," said Saintz.

Alexander asked, "Why?"

"This time, I feel it could be provocative for my part," said Saintz.

Saintz says she hopes her story will improve conditions in locker rooms for women covering sports, but don't expect her to change her signature style.

Alexander asked, "Will what happened change how you dress?"

"No. I'm not going to change how I dress. It's my style, my personality. I don't see the reason," said Saintz.