'Bicycle Bandit' Who Blamed His 'Evil Twin' for Robberies Could Get 124 Years in Prison

A serial bandit could possibly face over 100 years in jail after he blamed his 'evil twin' on his crimes.

A Pennsylvania man known as the "bicycle bandit" who blamed his “evil twin” for a string of armed robberies faces a lengthy prison term.

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Steven Felton, 34, was found guilty of the 10 thefts dating back to 2012 and could now face anywhere between 62 to 124 years behind bars in a state prison.

Lehigh County Judge Kelly L. Banach told Felton, who acted as his own attorney, that she was offended by his arrogant behavior during the trial, according to reports.

She was also surprised that one of the victims didn’t attempt to attack him in court.

"I'm kind of surprised that you weren't met with a shotgun to the face," she said.

In August, Felton was found guilty of his crimes during a four-day trial. During his court appearances, he made a series of outbursts.

According to reports, Felton cried at the defense table and would also burst into giggling fits through the trial, which forced Judge Banach to call recess on multiple occasions.

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Witnesses told authorities that after his crimes, he would flee the scene on a bicycle - earning him the nickname “bicycle bandit."

When Felton was sentenced, Judge Banach said she would have needed a fraction of the four-hours it took jurors to come up with a guilty verdict.

"It would have taken me as long as it takes to write the word guilty on a page," she said. "There is absolutely no doubt in my mind that you are the perpetrator."

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