Trump Refuses to Answer Stephen Colbert About Obama's Birthplace: 'I Don't Talk About it Anymore'

Donald Trump appeared on 'The Late Show' and host Stephen Colbert played a game with the GOP candidate.

Donald Trump chatted with Stephen Colbert on The Late Show With Stephen Colbert on Wednesday night - but he refused to answer all his questions.

Colbert asked the presidential hopeful what he called a "meatball question," saying: "President Obama, born in the U.S.?"

Trump responded: "I don't talk about it anymore. I talk about our veterans being horribly treated."

Colbert quipped: "You know the meatball is being dragged down the stairs by the pizza rat." He was referring to that viral video of a rat scampering down the subway stairs with a slice of pizza.

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The host also played a game with Trump, asking whether a particular megalomaniacal quote could be attributed to the GOP candidate or the ultra-conservative character portrayed on The Colbert Report.

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"I apologize for being perfect" was one of the quotes read off.

Trump replied: "That would be you. Because I would never say that."

"I think apologizing is a great thing but you have to be wrong. I will absolutely apologize sometime in the distant future if I am ever wrong," was another.

"That's me," Trump proudly said.

While the billionaire appeared with the comedian, there was a serious note Trump talked about how to deal with illegal immigration

"We are going to build a wall, you are going to pay for the wall. We have been abused for a long time," Trump said about his plans to secure the boarder around Mexico.

Colbert joked: "Can I suggest something? How about two walls one here one there in between a moat filled with fire and fire-proof crocodiles is that enough."

"We can have a great and beautiful wall and guess what nobody comes in unless they have their papers," Trump said.

Colbert's musical guest, a rising rapper named Raury, let his feelings known about Trump without having to say a word.

The rapper wore a Mexico soccer jersey during his performance, which has been a topic of conversation for Trump since he threw his hat in the ring.

After his performance, Raury tweeted what the back of his jersey looked like. It had "Trump" with the number "47" on the back with a giant X over Trump's name. The number is significant because 47 would be the next presidential number after Obama. 

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