228-Pound Pole Dancer: Howard Stern Said I Was 'Too Fat' for 'America's Got Talent'

Plus-size pole dancer Roz Mays speaks to INSIDE EDITION about Howard Stern turning her down for 'AGT.'

At 228 pounds, Roz Mays is not your average dancer -- but when it comes to pole dancing, she is athletic and graceful.

She's also an instructor who teaches other women to pole dance. 

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But Howard Stern thinks Mays is way too big for her talent, and rejected her during an audition for America's Got Talent, Mays told INSIDE EDITION. 

"Howard Stern told me that I was too fat to have a career in fitness. He didn't know why anybody would want to hire me as their trainer [and] didn't think that I was a good role model for other people," she said.  

The rejection prompted her to post a video online, showing her extraordinary flexibility. In the video, she clings to the top of the pole.

"I do believe that this was a case of fat shaming. I believe that American judges people in the fitness industry based on how they look," she said. 

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Mays said she's really disappointed she won't be competing on the live broadcast of America's Got Talent, though she did make one brief appearance in one montage.

It turns out Mays isn't the first full-figured pole dancer to get a thumbs-down from Stern.

A woman named Lulu made it past the audition phase in 2012, only to have Stern hit the buzzer during her performance, preventing Lulu from moving on to the next phase.

Like Mays, Lulu isn't shy about competing in pole dancing. They both believe talent should rule, not size.

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