New York City Beefs Up Security as Pope Francis Arrives

New York City is the Pope's next stop and the city is going all out in cleaning and security for his holiness' arrival.

The Pope has landed in New York City after months of preparations.

The iconic St. Patrick's Cathedral on Fifth Avenue, where the Pope will conduct an evening service on Thursday, has been extensively renovated.

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Eighteen thousand areas of the Cathedral needed repair work, including the now-spotless stained glass windows.

The massive 10,000 pound brass doors in the front of the church had been closed for decades.

St. Patrick’s won’t just look great, it will sound great for its most important guest.

There's been a major clean-up of the Cathedral's beloved organ. All of the 7,855 pipes were removed and cleaned.

There are even Pope-themed cookies being baked in local bakeries around the city.

A giant mural was erected by the Brooklyn Archdioces across from Madison Square Garden in Manhattan, where the Pope will hold mass on Friday.

The Pontiff’s trip to the Big Apple has become a security nightmare since the UN summit is also in town.

When he comes to the City that Never Sleeps, manhole covers will be sealed, while drones and selfie sticks are banned, and an eight-foot-tall steel mesh fence has been erected along the parade route to protect him.

Since he loves to get up close with the crowds, there could be concerning security conditions.

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Former Secret Service agent Jonathan Wackrow told INSIDE EDITION: "For him to fulfill his mission in expanding the church... inherently poses a massive security risk."

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