Politician Phil Davison Responds to YouTube Success

A political hopeful lost the election but took over the internet with a video of his very excited speech. INSIDE EDITION talks to the passionate politician.

He's the loud-mouthed politician who lost the nomination but won internet immortality with his ranting and raving campaign speech.

INSIDE EDITION asked Phil Davison flat-out: is this all an act, or is this really you?

"It's really me! This isn't an act," Davison exclaimed.

The man who would be treasurer of Stark County, Ohio didn't win the nomination - but he's screamed his way to nearly one million hits on YouTube!

INSIDE EDITION's Paul Boyd caught up with Davison. "This is a YouTube sensation around the world. Are you surprised it went as viral as it did?"

"Oh, absolutely!"

Some think this raging Republican is nothing but a bag of hot air, INSIDE EDITION can tell you he might have a bit of a gas problem.

"I would love to (belch!) Excuse me, run for public office," said Davison.

We can also tell you he has no regrets about the over-the-top speech that made him famous. Davison recognized that "a lot of people are upset about it! But I don't care if you're upset about it!"