Zoo Takes in 10-Day-Old Cougar Cubs Who Were Abandoned By Their Mom

Three young cougar cubs were found after being abandoned and are now being taken care for at the Oregon Zoo until they find a home.

A zoo is caring for three tiny orphaned cougar cubs after they were abandoned by their mom in Washington State. 

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The 10-day-old cubs were brought to the Oregon Zoo to be looked after by Michelle Schireman, who is the Cougar Coordinator for the Association of Zoos and Aquariums.

Without a mother the cubs wouldn't be able to survive on their own in the wild.

Schireman wrote on the Zoo’s website: “I work to find them suitable homes. We have a couple of options we are considering right now, and the cubs should only be in our care for a couple of weeks at the most."

The cubs are barely opening their eyes and they don't have any teeth yet, but they're eating well and sliding around the facility.

She added: “They are loud. When you come to feed them in the middle of the night, you can hear them all the way out in the parking lot."

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They will be at the zoo for a couple of weeks and the organization is considering their options.

Michelle has found homes for almost 120 cougar cubs in zoos around the United States. Many cougars living in zoos are orphans that were placed by her.

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