Man Discovers He's Owed $97,000 From His Late Mom's Unclaimed Life Insurance Policy

The astonishing finding was part of INSIDE EDITION's "We Find, You Keep" campaign to help people track down unclaimed funds.

A California man had no idea he had $97,409 waiting for him in his late mother's life insurance policy.

The astonishing discovery was part of INSIDE EDITION's "We Find, You Keep" campaign to help people find unclaimed funds in long-forgotten bank accounts or safety deposit boxes across the country.

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INSIDE EDITION's Lisa Guerrero tracked down the man, Ted Martell, to surprise him with the good news. 

“Oh my God,” his wife Cindy said as she helped him rip open the check. “Is this for real?”

Lisa said: “This is for real. Did you know this money was coming to you?”

He responded: “No. This is better than winning the lottery.”

The money was from an unclaimed life insurance policy from his mother, who passed away in 1999.

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Piles of unclaimed treasures are locked inside the California State Capitol building in Sacramento. There's a staggering $7.6 billion waiting to be claimed in the state. Among the valuables are paintings, rare baseball memorabilia, priceless war medals and even diamonds.

Ken Parham of the California State Controller's Office is desperately trying to find the owners of the treasures. In the last year alone, his office has given back $257 million.

INSIDE EDITION headed to the Capitol with Baja Limo to help the Comptroller's office connect people with their long-lost loot. One woman had an insurance check for $571, while a man got a refund for $110.

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The INSIDE EDITION "Hidden Treasure" limo has been traveling across the country all September to help viewers find out if they have unclaimed treasures.

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