DNA Reveals Waiter Spit in Customers' Soda After They Complained about the Broccoli

The waiter, Gregory Lamica, denied he spat in the customer's drink, but a DNA test showed otherwise.

A New York couple was eating at their favorite restaurant and discovered a gruesome surprise in a soda they took to go.

Ken and Julie Yeardon were dining at a Chili's in Syracuse, New York. They weren't happy when their chicken and broccoli meal was served.

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“The broccoli was undercooked - almost raw. I asked if they could cook it a little more,” said Julie.

It was a fairly standard request, but for some reason, they said the waiter got agitated. Ken asked him if everything was alright, and they said the waiter told them there was no problem.

Ken paid the bill and also ordered a soda to go. But when he put the drink in his car cup holder, the lid popped off, and that's when he noticed something truly nasty.

“I said to my wife, ‘There's something in my cup and it looks like it's spit!” Ken told INSIDE EDITION.

Stuck to the side of the cup was a disgusting wad of spit. He took a photo as evidence.

“My stomach was turning and I was shaking - it was so disgusting,” said Ken.

He went back into the restaurant and confronted the waiter. “I said, ‘Why'd you spit in my drink?’ He said, ‘I didn't spit in your drink,’” recalled Ken.

He was so grossed out by what he saw in his drink, and so convinced it was his waiter that he went to the police.

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The New York State Police considered the matter a potential criminal act. They interviewed the waiter, Gregory Lamica. He denied spitting into the soda.

In an unprecedented move, they asked the waiter to submit to a DNA test.

The state crime lab results came back three months later, and it was a match.

IE caught up with the waiter outside his home and asked if he felt bad about spitting in the cup.

“I never spit in any cup,” he told INSIDE EDITION.

Julie said, “What he did was vile and disgusting.”

The waiter, who no longer works at Chili's, pled guilty to disorderly conduct and was fined $125.

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