Bittersweet Reunion for Parents Upon Release of Hiker

It's a bittersweet moment for the mother's of two hikers still held captive in Iran, as they watch the reunion of one hiker who has been released. INSIDE EDITION talks to the two mothers.

The just released American hiker gets a giant embrace from her mother after being held captive for 14 months in an Iranian jail.

It's a bittersweet moment for two woman, Laura Fattal and Cindy Hickey. Their sons, Josh Fattal and Shane Bauer are still being held as prisoners in Iran.

Laura Fattal said, "It was bittersweet. We were so happy for Sarah and Nora. We were so very happy for them. And it was heartbreaking not to have Josh also come down those stairs."

Sarah's release is particularly poignant for Cindy, she's her future daughter-in-law. While in captivity Sarah became engaged to Cindy's son Shane.

Sarah was released for humanitarian reasons after finding a lump in her breast, and pre-cancerous cervical cells. Cindy and Laura spoke to Sarah moments before our interview.

INSIDE EDITION's Deborah Norville asked, "What was she able to say?"

Cindy Hickey replied, "Just that they're doing okay. They're strong. Sarah's had some medical examinations and those seem to be clear at the moment."

These heartbroken moms haven't seen or heard from their sons since May when they were allowed to visit them briefly in Iran. They say they are now more determined than ever to fight for their freedom, so they too can have emotional reunions like this.

Cindy Hickey said, "I'm constantly filled with gratitude about the support we've gotten. I know they're coming home. I have faith in that. But seeing Sarah get off the plane and give her mom the first hug, made it real for us."