Couple's New York City Wedding in Central Park is Disrupted by Pope's Visit

Patricia O'Connor and Michael Sheridan face gridlocked traffic getting to their wedding venue.

It's the biggest day of their lives: Patricia O’Connor and Michael Sheridan are getting married on Friday.

But there is a holy hitch to their big day: the pope is in town. Their reception was to be held at the Boathouse in Central Park, at the same time the pope visited.

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“I love Central Park, so we looked at the boathouse, and booked it right away," O’Connor told INSIDE EDITION.

The boathouse is an iconic Manhattan location that oozes romance. The film, When Harry Met Sally, and the hit show, Sex and the City, were shot there.

O’Connor and Sheridan chose their date and rented out the boathouse a year ago. Everything seemed perfect -- until the pope decided to come pay a visit.

Never in a million years -- you couldn't plan for something like this," she said. 

It means that what was supposed to be a very private wedding grew from 150 invited guests to about 100,000.

Throngs of people are flocking to Central Park to see the pope. Unfortunately, that papal procession is scheduled just when the couple is supposed to hold their reception.

Instead of freaking out, they’re taking it in stride. “Leading up to today, we had to arrange things, but I feel blessed," she said.

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The wedding was held at a church in the Bronx, and the happy couple invited INSIDE EDITION to be there.

There was hardly any time to soak in the joyous occasion because right after the wedding, the bride and groom, and all their guests had to climb onboard buses for the ride into gridlocked Manhattan

As for the boathouse, they've been told to get there by 5 p.m., or they risk being locked out.

The newlyweds are both Catholic, and hope to get the pope's blessing on their big day.

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