Oops! Fox News Host Says Leonardo DiCaprio Painted the Mona Lisa

Host Shepard Smith accidentally said that the Hollywood actor had painted the Mona Lisa, rather than Leonardo da Vinci.

Leonardo DiCaprio isn't just a Hollywood star or an environmental activist, he also painted the Mona Lisa - according to Fox News.

On Thursday night, anchor Shepard Smith accidentally said that the actor - rather than Leonardo da Vinci - was responsible for the iconic painting.

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He made the gaffe as he discussed a story about scientists trying to identify the model used in the famous potrait. While he didn't acknowledge the mistake, social media users were more than happy to point out his error.

@ShepNewsTeam Leonardo DiCaprio painted the Mona Lisa? Learn something every day.

— Jeff Garner (@jgarner296969) September 24, 2015

So a @FoxNews anchor confused Leonardo Da Vinci w/ Leonardo DiCaprio. Bet he thought the former was just a ninja turtle.

— Renee Saviour (@rensaviour) September 25, 2015

According to Fox News, Leonardo DiCaprio painted the "Mona Lisa". I, for one, enjoyed Leonardo da Vinci in the movie Titanic.

— Alex Rosas (@Cynikal180) September 25, 2015

In 2013, DiCaprio told the The Wall Street Journal that he was named after the painter. 

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"My dad says he and my mom were visiting the Uffizi Gallery in Florence, Italy, and stopped to look at a Leonardo da Vinci painting," he said. "My mom was pregnant with me, and I started kicking furiously, so my dad said, 'That is an omen.'"

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