Mom With Rare Form of Dwarfism and Her 6-Foot-Tall Husband Welcome Second Son

Tiffanie DiDonato gave birth to a healthy baby boy, Tristan, on Labor Day.

A woman with a rare form of dwarfism gave birth to a healthy, baby boy on Labor Day.

Tiffanie DiDonato and her small frame had limited space for her baby to grow.

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“I look like I swallowed a beach ball,” DiDonato joked with INSIDE EDITION.

She has to use crutches because her 17-pound baby bump could cause her to fall. DiDonato gets lots of help from her husband Eric.

I didn't think I could have children. I didn't think it was possible,” she said.

Tiffanie stopped growing at three-feet-six-inches, about the size her three-year-old son is now. But as a teen, she underwent limb lengthening surgery - something she wrote about in her book, Dwarf. The operation added 14 inches to her height. She now stands at four-feet-10 inches, and can do things most moms can do.

“Never a dull moment,” she said, as her son rushed by.

Her son, Ty, did not inherit his mom's dwarfism gene. “He doesn't see me or family as anything different, which is beautiful,” she said. 

The boy and his 6-foot-tall Marine dad are devoted to her wellbeing. “He is my knight in shining armor,” she said, beaming.

As her due date approached, she didn’t know the sex, or whether the baby would have dwarfism. INSIDE EDITION was there when she went in for her sonogram at North Carolina Women's Hospital.

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Dr. Bill Goodnight conducted the ultrasound. He picked up a heartbeat. “Looks like a boy!” he said.

As for whether the baby had dwarfism, the doctor reported, “Everything on the ultrasound looks normal, the growth looks normal.”

DiDonato had a huge sense of relief knowing that the child would not need a life full of surgeries like his mom. She gave birth on Labor Day, and thankfully, the delivery went off without complications.

An adorable baby boy was born: Tristan John Gabriels.

With two kids to raise, there are certain to be hurdles ahead, just like any family. But at least mom knows for certain that neither of her two sons will face the challenges she had to deal with in her life.

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