Pope Laughs at Baby Dressed Like Him, Tells Mother: 'You Have a Great Sense of Humor'

Pope Francis got a chuckle when he saw one infant dressed like him during his parade in Philadelphia.

Pope Francis roared with laughter when he noticed a baby girl dressed just like him among the crowds in Philadelphia this weekend.

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Dana Madden had dressed her four-month-old daughter Quinn as the pope in honor of his trip to America. When the pontiff spotted the adorable girl, an agent from the Secret Service picked her up and carried her over to him for a blessing.

Dana recounted the once-in-a-lifetime experience as she spoke to INSIDE EDITION's Les Trent.

"I was looking stuff up about Pope Francis and I saw a picture at the Vatican where another baby had dressed up like that Pope and I said: 'Oh, I think Quinn would be perfect for this,'" she said.

She was in the crowd with her husband and Quinn when the Pope passed them.

"When I saw Pope Francis turn the corner, it was a feeling like no other," she said. "When he looked at Quinn, I was like 'Wow, that's enough. The Pope saw my baby.' When they started to come over, my husband and I didn't know what to do. Just unbelievable."

It was another unforgettable moment for 14-year-old Bobby Hill who was given just five minutes notice that he would be performing solo for the Pope.

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Hill told INSIDE EDITION “They had to do a set change and instead of the pope just sitting there they decided I would sing.”

Bobby knocked it out of the park.

Actor Mark Wahlberg, who is a devout Catholic, hosted The Festival Of Families Concert.

Wahlberg told the crowd after Hill sang: “That kid has the voice of an angel and then he whispers into my ear the he likes my movie, Ted. Forgive me father.”

Hill told INSIDE EDITION: "Never in a million years would I have thought that something like this would happen.”

The Pope ended his trip to America with an outdoor mass in Philadelphia along Benjamin Franklin Parkway to the largest crowds of his six day stay.

The Pope is now back in Vatican City, when he landed he tweeted:


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