Donald Trump Says He Wants 'Zero Tax' For the Poor, Less Tax For the Rich

Donald Trump released his tax plan on Monday morning.

Donald Trump unveiled his tax plan Monday morning at Manhattan’s Trump Tower.

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Speaking at Trump Tower in New York City, the billionaire said he wants a zero tax on Americans making under $25,000, or married couples earning under $50,000.

"It will provide major tax relief for middle income and for most other Americans," he said. "There will be a major tax reduction. It'll simplify the tax code, it'll grow the American economy at a level that it hasn't seen for decades."

But his plan would also benefit the rich. The richest Americans would pay an income tax rate of 25 percent - a drop from 36.9 percent.

He added: "We have an amazing code. It will be simple, it will be easy, it will be fair."

The unveiling comes after Trump picked up an endorsement from Duck Dynasty star Willie Robertson at a rally in Oklahoma over the weekend.

Robertson told the crowd: “I do like me some Trump, I gotta admit. We're both great businessmen with great looking wives.”

Meanwhile, Dr. Ben Carson is getting praise from none other than Kanye West who calls the neurosurgeon "the most brilliant guy" in a new interview.

Kanye, who plans on running for president one day, was the topic of conversation for Carson when he was on ABC's This Week.

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Carson was asked: “Do you think he'd make a good President?”

“Well, I am certainly willing to give him a chance,” he replied.

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