America's Got Talent Finale Showdown

They're two of the last contenders left in the competition to win America's Got Talent and they are completely different. INSIDE EDITION talks to Jackie Evancho and Prince Poppycock.

It's the battle of little angel Jackie Evancho versus the outrageous Prince Poppycock on the finale of America's Got Talent.
Jackie was dressed in white and the stage emulated a cathedral, with stained glass windows that opened to reveal a choir.

The 10-year-old got a standing ovation.

Backstage INSIDE EDITION spotted Jackie needing help into her director's chair, and then she took some medicine for a headache. She said she was glad the night was over. "I thought that tonight I was very nervous," she confided.

Jackie is in the final four, with performance artists "Fighting Gravity," Blues singer Michael Grimm and Prince Poppycock.

He was the most flamboyant he's ever been, dressed as a medieval knight. He wore armor and a helmet adorned with red feathers. But right as Poppycock was about to hit the crescendo, judge Piers Morgan hit the buzzer. The crowd booed.  

Co-judge Sharon Osbourne went after him. "That was such a selfish thing to do, it's not your night it's Prince Poppycock's night!" she chastised.

Backstage Poppycock seemed okay with what Morgan did. "He's always been a hard sell for this act," he said.
But Osbourne stuck to her guns. "As usual it's all about Piers...everything evolves back to Piers," she told INSIDE EDITION.