Pregnant Horse Who Was Scheduled to be Slaughtered is Rescued, Gives Birth to Healthy Baby

A pregnant horse was rescued and eventually gave birth without any help.

A pregnant horse who was scheduled to be auctioned and slaughtered has given birth to a healthy foal after being rescued.

Vet Ranch saved the horse, whom they named Nova, before she could be shipped to Mexico for "processing." An examination revealed she had respiratory problems and parasites.

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Dr. Karri from Vet Ranch and her husband, Dr. Judd, gave her medication. Another round of tests found she had a herpes virus that Dr. Karrri says “needs to run its course.”

One day, Dr. Karri went to check on Nova and noticed her giving birth completely on her own. The foal was quickly on his way attempting to walk with the help of his mom.

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“She is making sure her baby is with her," Dr. Karri said. "She is a good momma."

Nova and her colt Orion are doing great, and now Vet Ranch is working to find the two a forever home.

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