This Guy Accidentally Started a Fire When He Tried to Kill A Spider at a Gas Station

A Michigan man is taking heat after he tried to set fire to a spider on his car while at a gas station. (LiveLeak/screenshot)

A man is getting heat for his fear of spiders.

The Michigan man pulled up to a gas station in Center Line and when he started filling up, he noticed a spider on his car.

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Witnesses say that the man pulled a lighter out of his pocket and tried to lite the spide on fire. Since gas and fire don’t mix, an inferno appeared from the man’s gas tank and spread to the pump.

Gas station employee Susan Adams hit the emergency pump shut-off and called the fire department.

"He grabbed the fire extinguisher, because the lady had me on hold, so he grabbed the fire extinguisher and put it out," Adams told CBS Detroit.

The flames were all gone by the time the fire department arrived and thankfully no one was hurt.

The man, who initially claimed the fire was due to static, was questioned by authorities where he confessed to what happened.

Adams said: "I didn't find out until later that he seen a spider and tried to burn it."

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No charges were filed against the customer and insurance is expected to pay for the damaged pump. The driver reportedly apologized to Adams and admitted that he has a deep fear of spiders.

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