The Doctors Back for Season 3

The Doctors is back for season 3, and the doctors tell INSIDE EDITION what to expect this year.

It's the food America eats every day, but wait until you see what happens to Dr. Travis Stork of TV's hit show The Doctors after he spends seven days eating nothing but fast food.

"In one week I put eight pounds on, my blood pressure went into an unhealthy range, I had a bad attitude, and low energy," Dr. Stork says.

On season 3 of The Doctors, Dr. Travis embarks on "Project Unhealthy." Viewers will get to see the toll his week-long fast food experiment takes on his body!  

"I didn't feel good, I became literally depressed," he says of the experience.

And there's another new segment, "Ask Dr. Lisa," where women can ask Dr. Lisa Masterson, an OB/GYN, anything they want, nothing is off limits.

"People shouldn't be afraid of their doctors, we're human beings, we're here for you, not against you and I think the fact that we can have fun talking about serious subjects means that no one should be too embarrassed to talk with their doctor about anything," says Dr. Stork.