Beat Dust Mites and Pillow Fungus: 10 Easy Tips to Rid Your Home of Harmful Germs

Lifestyle expert Erika Katz gave INSIDE EDITION some tips for keeping germs at bay.

A home may look picture perfect on the outside and immaculate on the inside - but bacteria can still be lurking on surfaces, beneath sheets and in showers.

Lifestyle expert Erika Katz is showing INSIDE EDITION - as well as mom-of-three Lauren - how to make sure you keep your home free of bacteria that can make you sick.

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The Kitchen

First stop: the kitchen sink, which had the second highest concentration of bacteria in Lauren's home. Katz suggested wiping down the entire sink using a disinfectant wipe each night.

To disinfect your dishwasher, pour vinegar into a glass, and then place it upright on the top shelf without anything else in the machine. Then run the dishwasher using the hot water setting.

Cutting boards are also loaded with bacteria. Katz suggests rubbing it down with a little beach, which kills harmful germs before rising it with water.

The Bedroom

Dust can make living in your home a nightmare if you have allergies - but drier sheets can help. The sheets create an anti-static barrier if you wipe down the walls, windowsills and other areas where dust can build.

Under clean sheets in the bedroom, dust mites can be lurking. Use the upholstery attachment and vacuum your mattress.

And did you know your pillows have 16 different kinds of fungus in them? Our expert says to wash your pillows. Use the delicate cycle and use liquid detergent because powder can leave residue. Run the rinse cycle twice and then place them in the dryer - making sure to put the setting on low.

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The Bathroom

Katz said: “When you flush the toilet all the germs go into the air.”

To avoid this, shut the lid before you flush and keep germs in the toilet. Mop your floor using bleach based cleaner.

Katz’s other tip: “Hang your wet bathmat over your bathtub so it can dry in between usages and avoid all of those nasty germs and bacteria from growing on your bath mat.”

Another hiding place for germs is your shower. Fill a plastic bag with white vinegar and tie it around the shower head and let it soak to get rid of bacteria and water stains.

As fall approaches, it is now the perfect time to clean your window screens. Make a solution using two parts water and one part ammonia. Then, gently scrub the screens with a nylon sponge and rinse.

And there you have it: useful tips to help make your house super clean.

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