Pregnant Woman Pleads With Cop Who Pulled Out Gun During Traffic Stop: 'My Water Broke!'

Dana and James Reiner were racing to the hospital when officers pulled them over.

In a terrifying traffic stop, a man was told to get on the ground by police while his wife was in labor inside the car.

James Reiner, who is speaking to INSIDE EDITION about his ordeal, tried to explain that they were rushing to the hospital, but the cop just wouldn’t listen. The incident was captured on the police officer's dash cam video.

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“Sir, she's going into labor, my wife,” Reiner said in the footage.

“You pull over. I don't care. You pull over,” the cop said.

Speaking to IE, his wife Dana Reiner said: “It was almost surreal - surely this can't be happening." 

The couple was driving to the hospital at 1 a.m. when a patrol car appeared behind them.

“I said, ‘James, we can’t stop, we don’t have time to stop. My water had actually broken,” said Dana.

Instead of pulling over, James called 911. “You have an officer trying to pull you over?” asked the dispatcher. “Yes, and my wife won't let me stop,” said James.

“Your best bet right now is to pull over and explain the situation to them,” said the dispatcher.

But when he pulled over - all hell broke loose.

“On the ground! On your face now! Get on your [bleeping] face!” yelled the officer.

James recounted: “I rolled out of the car onto the ground and continued to try to tell him - that my wife is having a baby - he wasn't having it."

Then Dana got out of the car and tried to explain. “Maybe if I just show him my water broke and my pants are wet…” she said.

In the dashcam video, she’s heard saying: “I'm in labor. My water broke.”

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The cop said, “Hold on. I'll call an ambulance right now.”

More officers showed up, but her husband was not allowed to get off the ground. Dana could be heard screaming in pain. Instead of lending assistance, they seemed to taunt James.

“Now you're going to be in the Lake County jail when your kid is born. That's what's going to happen,” said a cop.

“Did you taze him?” asked another cop.  

“No,” replied another officer.

“It's not too late, is it?” said a cop.

“You want to get [bleeping] tazed?” the officer asked James.

At one point, the cops discussed destroying the dashcam video. “I'll get rid of the video,” said one. “Oh, I don't care about that,” said another.

Twenty minutes passed and finally an ambulance arrived to take Dana to the hospital 10 miles away. Her husband was hauled away to jail.

Fortunately, Dana gave birth to a healthy baby girl, all while James was having his mugshot taken. He was charged with evading an officer.

My baby was healthy, and she's perfect. They can't take that away from me,” said Dana.

The police department said that the offiers did nothing wrong. 

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