Cincinnati Hospital Apologizes for Losing Remains of Baby, Calls Loss a 'Human Error'

University of Cincinnati Medical Center CEO apologized but couldn't explain how a family's dead son disappeared from the hospital.

A Cincinnati hospital lost the remains of a baby boy who died shortly after his birth, saying in a statement that the body's disappearance was a "human error."

A set of twins were born to parents on September 14 at the University of Cincinnati Medical Center but sadly, neither survived. The baby girl was stillborn and the boy lived for about an hour before he died.

As the parents were making arrangements for the babies' remains, they were faced with news that officials the hospital were unable to locate the body of their son, police told WKRC-TV

"This situation is a tragedy for this family, and we are deeply sorry that we have added to their suffering," President and Chief Executive Officer, Richard Lofgren, MD, said in a statement on Monday. "This situation was unacceptable and we make no excuses. We have offered our deepest sympathy to the family and any support or resources we can make available to them."

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Cincinnati Police Captain Terri Theetge told WKRC-TV that while tragic, there was no criminality suspected in the incident

"We’ve pretty much determined that there was no intent, no malicious intent here by anybody," Theetge said. "It’s a horrible set of circumstances and facts that have occurred and in reviewing those set of facts with the prosecutors’ office, it’s been determined there is no criminal activity here."

The hospital reportedly hired a contractor to search the nearby Rumpke landfill after they realized the newborn's remains were missing, specifically searching areas where the hospital's trash was dumped and an area covered with trash from a laundry contractor, the television station reported.

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No remains were found.

"I promise the family that we will never let a situation like this happen again," Lofgren said. "I and the entire executive team of UC Health are examining every fact, every process, and every action to identify precisely how this could possibly happen. We have already begun to put in place steps to ensure that this kind of tragic human error cannot occur again."

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